Mindful DBT, LLC  "Live This Moment"  
Amber M Chan, LPC-MH, QMHP   
DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™

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DBT Program 

Adult DBT Program includes:

  • Individual DBT Skills Therapy
  • Weekly DBT Skills Groups
  • Weekly Specialized DBT Skills Groups
  • DBT Phone Coaching
  • Therapist Consultation Team

Graduate Students:/ Recent Graduates:
  •  Offer DBT Supervision for those clinicians wanting to be comprehensively trained
  •  Clinical DBT experience

Seeking Services:
The process of receiving services begins with a brief phone call with Amber where you will be provided with the information about the program.  Amber will briefly ask you some questions to get an initial impression of whether the DBT program might be of help with the problems you are experiencing.  If it appears that DBT might be of help, you will be asked to complete some forms located on this website and an orientation appointment will be set up with Amber.

If, at the time of your initial appointment, you decide you would like to receive services, you will be asked to set up a review appointment.  At the time of your review appointment, Amber will ask more in depth questions to understand the nature of your concerns, and to develop the most effective approach to solving your difficulties.  In the third session you will be further educated on DBT and devise a treatment plan.